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A perfect space to work,
play, eat & party


Our cafe offers a wide range of delicious drinks, foods and pastry. Both for kids and their parents. Always fresh & delightful.

Work Space

Shared Space

Our shared space lets you to stay close to your children while you work. Just pick an open spot and get the work done.

Private offices

Our private offices let you focus and get uninterrupted work done. All while your kids are having the time of their life behind the door.

Play Space

Our play space inspires curiosity and nurtures imagination. Simple design, a wide range of toys, and thoughtful play areas keep kids entertained for hours.
  • Veterinary Clinic

  • Kitchen

  • Supermarket

  • Pizzeria

  • Wooden Play

  • Reading corner

  • Ball pit

  • Recycling center

  • Light wall

  • Camping area

    Nap room

    Your kids will get the most restful sleep in our dark nap room. And, with the small windows you can see them without disrupting their sleep.

    Party Space

    Bok transforms into a stunning birthday and party space with awesome entertainment, delicious food and memorable experiences.

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